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Tips for traveling on the road with pets

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Your pet is a member of the family, so remember to consider your pet's needs, too.

  • Never leave a pet in the vehicle with the windows rolled up.
  • Prepare your pet for a long trip in advance of the departure date by taking it on short trips, so he will adapt to his surroundings.
  • Always consult your vet if the pet has not experienced long distance travel or if you are going to an extreme climate.
  • Remove food and water from your pet at least two hours before your departure, so they won't get an upset stomach.
  • If possible, put your pet in a pet carrier for the trip.
  • Be sure that you have the following in your vehicle for the trip--waste bags, towels, a litter pan for cats, toys, treats and a first-aid kit.
  • With dogs especially, stop every two to four hours for water and exercise.
  • Give your animal purified or distilled water to avoid an upset stomach.
  • For long trips, check hotels and motels in advance to make sure that your type of pet is welcome.
  • Make sure that your pet is wearing an ID tag and that there is one on the carrier, both should give the pet's name, and your address and phone number. The carrier's tag should also include a brief description of the pet.
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