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Making Memories

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The following tips will help preserve the memories from this year's family trip:

  • Buy a disposable camera for each child to take his/her own photos. (But don't let them use up all the film at once!)
  • Bring a folder for each child to keep postcards, admission tickets, drawings, menus, booklets and brochures in.
  • Take resealable plastic bags for collecting rocks, shells, leaves and other small objects.
  • If you have a video camera, let the kids do some filming as well (as long as the camera isn't too valuable or complicated to use). You're bound to get some amusing footage!
  • Young children can draw a picture of what they do each day. Then they will have a picture story of their trip.
  • Give children small notebooks to use as travel journals for writing down things they see or do along the way. Even reluctant writers can jot down a sentence or two. This will be fun to look back at later and can be used to jump start ideas for stories and reports.
  • Buy picture postcards showing places you've been, and have the kids write comments on the back. This will become a postcard journal of their trip to keep for future reference.
  • If there are any techies in your family, they may want to bring their laptops along for e-mailing friends and family or updating personal web pages with photos and stories of their adventures.

Have a Great Time!

The final travel rule is to keep your sense of humor.

Any number of things can-and usually do-go wrong, and there's always a time when someone, somewhere will reach their breaking point. When it happens, try with all your might to let it roll.

A person who can laugh at adversity is a joy to be with on the road.

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