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Warner Trail Description

Trail Description

Warner Trail from Dedham St., Sharon to Moose Hill Audubon Sanctuary, Sharon
3.8 mi.

To reach the northern end of the Warner Trail leave US 1 S of Boston near the Norwood Memorial Airport, or I-95, exit 11 and go E on Neponset St. into Canton. At 1.2 mi. from I-95, just before the granite viaduct, turn R onto Walpole St. and follow Walpole St. for 1.5 mi. into Sharon. Turn L onto Dedham St. and drive up the hill for 0.2 mi. There is a small area on the L side of the street where 3 or 4 cars can be parked. The trail begins in the woods across the street.

The trail leaves the pavement and keeps to the R (NW) of some ledges. In 50 yd. from Dedham St., the trail approaches a pumping station building and reaches a gravel driveway. The trail turns L onto the driveway and goes for 40 yards until turning R off the driveway. In approx. 0.1 mi. from Dedham St. the trail crosses over a drainage pipe and continues heading NW where it curves around, going SW, over a bog bridge. The trail passes through a wet area close to the MacIntosh Farms condominiums on the L. In 0.3 mi., the trail crosses a wooden bridge over Beaver Brook and heads almost N up a hill and switches back L up on a ridge going SW until it comes to a woods road junction, 0.5 mi. from Dedham St.

The trail turns L (EDGEHILL STREET SPUR TRAIL TURNS RIGHT, SEE NOTE AT END OF PAGE) still mostly SW. In 150 yd. a woods road to the L goes over the brook about 15 yd. away. The trail continues SW up a rise curving to the R (W) and forks R (NW) from the woods road. After passing through a pine grove, it comes out on a power line clearing and turns R (N) on the service road for the power line. In 83 yd. it comes to a metal barrier on the side of Mt. Fern St.(a gravel road) and turns L (SW), continuing to the pavement of Mt. Fern St. No parking on Mt. Fern St. The trail then continues up to Bullard St., goes R on Bullard St. and follows the pavement for 0.2 mi. (may be relocation) to Norwood St. (Rt. 27).

Distance from Dedham St.
    to bridge over Beaver Brook: 0.3 mi.
    to power lines: 0.9 mi.
    to Bullard St.: 1.1 mi.
    to Norwood St. (Rt. 27): 1.3 mi.

The trail turns R on Norwood St. for a few yards, crosses the road and then reenters the woods. After entering the woods, it bears R (SW) on a narrow horse path, winding over a stone wall through a fine grove of red pine reaching a power line right of way 0.4 mi. from Norwood St. The trail goes R (W), under the power lines for 80 yd. and turns L on Everett St. (a wide gravel road).

The trail follows Everett St. S, into Audubon land, as it becomes a woods road, going past a cellar hole on the R and between two large fields in 320 yd. The field on the R is becoming overgrown. The trail avoids a path on the R and passes a large outcropping on the left at 0.4 mi. Soon the trail passes a vernal pool on the R and then leaves Everett St., turning R on another woods road. The trail climbs slowly then continues level, ignoring a woods road joining from the R rear and another directly from the L within another 0.2 mi. The trail turns R in 0.1 mi. onto a path and goes down a slope and before a wooden boardwalk, turns L for 0.1 mi. to Moose Hill Pkwy. just W of the junction with Upland Rd.

The trail turns R onto the pavement of Moose Hill Pkwy. and goes for 80 yd. The trail, marked also with the letter A (within the Sanctuary), leaves the road, turning L (S) on a path which it follows until it turns R on another trail in 0.2 mi. It follows this trail winding generally W almost to Moose Hill St. and turns R on a path to the Sanctuary's former parking lot in 0.8 mi. from Moose Hill Pkwy. The trail turns L and goes through the parking lot to the pavement of Moose Hill St. The trail turns R on Moose Hill St. and comes to two stone posts on the L at the intersection of Moose Hill St. and Moose Hill Pkwy. near the Audubon Sanctuary Headquarters.

Distance from Norwood St. (Rt. 27)
    to power lines: 0.4 mi.
    to Moose Hill Pkwy.: 1.6 mi.
    to Moose Hill St.: 2.5 mi.

Note: EDGEHILL STREET SPUR TRAIL (0.4 mi.) At the Jct., a blue blazed spur trail turns R and continues down the woods road for 0.15 mi. and turns R into a small pine grove. Shortly thereafter it enters a small clearing then back into deciduous forest, then slabs the side of a hill and drops down to Edgehill St. Parking for 6 cars.

Warner Trail from Moose Hill Sanctuary to High
Rock in Gilbert Hills State Forest, Foxboro
9.5 mi.

Heading S from the Audubon Sanctuary Headquarters, the Warner Trail coincides with the Bay Circuit Trail in the sanctuary. The BCT is marked with a 4"x4" plastic logo at trail heads. Along the trail white rectangular dollar-bill-sized blazes are painted or nailed to trees or posts.

The Warner Trail, marked also with the letter A (within the Sanctuary), passes between two stone posts at the intersection of Moose Hill St. and Moose Hill Pkwy. In about 50 yd., the trail turns R onto the Summit Trail which it follows for 0.3 mi. to the top of Moose Hill, with its fire tower. Proceeding L (SW) from the fire tower the trail shortly comes out on a rocky knoll and drops down fairly steeply through woods to a woods road at a junction. The trail turns R onto the woods road, avoids the trail on the R and swings E on the Old Pasture Trail.

The trail continues on the woods road, passing by a trail on the R and later, the trail turns R and continues briefly on a path to a junction with another woods road. (The cistern is a few paces to the L on this woods road.) The trail turns R and follows (SW) to a fork where it turns L (S), keeping R at the next junction and climbs on the N slope of Bluff Head, an ideal lunch spot with a wonderful view to the S. The trail goes SW, slabbing across and down several rocky ledges, one brief sharp climb and past the chimney on Allens Ledge, ending on a woods road. The trail turns L and follows the downward sloping woods road until reaching the pavement of Walpole St. (Sharon). (About 0.8 mi. SE of the intersection of Walpole St. And US 1). Cars should not be parked on Walpole St.

Distance from Moose Hill St.
    to Moose Hill summit: 0.3 mi.
    to Bluff Head: 1.5 mi.
    to Walpole St.: 2.1 mi.

The trail turns L for about 40 yd. and crosses Walpole St., reenters the woods and climbs steadily to the top of Pierce Hill (350 ft.) from which there is a good view S and W. The trail drops rapidly and steadily until it intersects the Old Post Road, once a main thoroughfare, but now a woods road. It turns L onto the woods road which it follows S about 0.3 mi. The trail approaches a house on the R and then turns R onto a path that leads to the house's driveway. Follow the driveway for 200 yd., passing an underground house on the R until reaching Pine St. The trail turns L and stays on Pine St. for 0.25 mi. to South Walpole St. The trail turns R and goes on South Walpole St., going over the northbound and under the southbound lanes of I-95 and continues past a cranberry bog and a white house on the L (#256) until the first bend in the road, 0.3 mi. from Pine St.

The trail turns L off South Walpole St. at the bend in the street (utility pole #46) on an unused, indistinct, and overgrown dirt road (Dudley Hill Road).

Distance from Walpole St.
    to Pierce Hill summit: 0.2 mi.
    to Pine St.: 0.6 mi.
    to South Walpole St. (N): 0.8 mi.
    to L turn off South Walpole St.: 1.1 mi.

Cars must not be parked here, private land. Take care to go around the end of a blocking fence without damaging the bushes (intended to discourage all but pedestrians). Stay in the woods to the R of the blocking fence and the large pine tree and work your way to the back yard of the white house. Walk along the edge of the yard until you reach the woods in the R rear corner of the yard. The trail then continues on a path from the rear of the yard. Caution, this section of the trail around the fence and through the yard is purposely indistinctly marked to discourage all but hikers from using the private property.

Keeping R at the first fork the trail follows a mostly straight woods road through swampy areas. In 0.5 mi. from South Walpole St., the trail turns R 45? off of the woods road onto a smaller path and winds through a swamp to a berm. The trail climbs onto the berm, turns L for a few yards and forks R to drop down through more swamp and a series of bridges built by Boy Scouts. After crossing over the bridges andpassing behind a brown house on the L, the trail passes through a stone wall and turns L, keeping the wall on the L until it approaches a white house. The trail bends R away from the wall and in 40 yd. goes to a gap in a snow fence between two houses. It then goes directly towards Beach St. along the edge of two adjoining lawns to a utilities pole and the pavement. The trail turns R onto Beach St. for 50 yd. and then turns L (S) on a right of way (just beyond a large pin oak and a wooden fence), through a row of large rocks to a gravel motor bike road, 50 yd. from Beach St. The trail then turns L on the gravel road which it follows, curving R, 0.2 mi. to Edwards Rd., where cars can be parked. Watch for a future relocation in this gravelly area.

Distances from South Walpole St. (S)
    to R turn off woods road: 0.5 mi.
    to Beach St.: 0.7 mi.
    to Edwards Rd: 1.0 mi.

The trail turns R onto Edwards Rd. and follows on the sidewalk for 0.6 mi. Then the trail turns L, off the street (utility pole #27) and climbs a bank between two houses. The brush grows quickly on this bank so look carefully for the trail. At the top of the bank, the trail goes through a short stretch of woods and drops down to the L, crossing a barrier, onto the gravel Camp Road near two houses. This barrier is intended to keep all but hikers from using this private property. For the next 0.6 mi., the trail is on roads. The trail follows Camp Road for 0.2 mi. and then turns L (S) into the Whispering Pines development on McCasland Way for 0.15 mi., then L on McKenzie Lane for 0.15 mi. and then L on Munroe St. for 0.1 mi. to the cul-de-sac. From the cul-de-sac the trail reenters a pine woods on the Foxboro Conservation Property (sign).

Distance from Edwards Rd. (N)
    to L turn off Edwards Rd.: 0.6 mi.
    to Foxboro Conservation Property: 1.3 mi.

The trail goes mostly S through the open woods, with the Neponset Reservoir on the L, for 0.4 mi. to the dam at the outlet of the reservoir. Turning R beyond the dam and up a rise the trail goes SW until it turns L (S), just before coming to a RR track, and goes parallel to the tracks on several bog bridges to Chestnut St. (a good parking area). The trail turns R (W) on Chestnut St. and proceeds along the street passing through the Chestnut Green mixed-usecommunity at the site of the former Foxboro State Hospital. As the trail approaches the rotary, it turns L onto North St. and proceeds to the pedestrian traffic light next to the Sharon Credit Union. Crossing with the light towards the Dairy Queen, the trail turns L (S) on Main St. (Mass. 140) for a 170 yd. to turn R into the Foxboro Conservation parking lot.

Distance from Foxboro Conservation Property (Munroe St. cul-de-sac)
    to Foxboro Conservation parking lot: 1.5 mi.

The trail follows a lane W out the back of the lot into the woods on Foxboro conservation property, turning R at the trail junction in 0.4 mi. The trail continues through the woods until it reaches Lakeview Rd. As the trail approaches Lakeview Rd. it bears L and heads downhill towards a brook. It then swings to the R and follows alongside the brook out to Lakeview Rd.

Distance from Foxboro Conservation parking lot
    to Lakeview Rd.: 0.8 mi.

The trail turns L(S) on the pavement and crosses the dam for Lakeview Lake for 120 yd. After crossing the dam, the trail turns R off the pavement, goes around a gate, reenters the woods and follows the conservation lane with the lake on the R. A few cars can be parked off the road, but do not block the gate.

In 160 yards from Lakeview Rd. the trail turns L onto another path and continues W until it comes to Upper Dam pond 0.3 mi. from Lakeview Rd. It goes across the dam (using Boy Scout built stiles), turns L(S) and swings SE around the pond to Messenger Rd. (a gravel fire road) where the trail turns R(SW) and up a long climb toward High Rock in the F. Gilbert Hills State Forest). As the road nears the top, the trail forks R on an old woods road (where an emergency shelter 1.2 mi. from Lakeview Rd. can be used during inclement weather) and climbs until just prior to a fenced-in old radar test station where it turns L at the foot of a large boulder (High Rock itself) and follows a short path over the rise to the gravel parking area at the foot of a mammoth microwave relay tower and base building. A paved road, maintained by AT&T goes down to US 1 about 0.4 mi. S of the intersection of US 1 and Mass. 140.

Distance from Lakeview Rd. (S)
    to High Rock parking lot: 1.6 mi.

Warner Trail from High Rock to Wampum Corner, Wrentham
(Jct. 1-A and Mass. 121)
10.3 mi

To reach the NE end of this section of the Warner Trail take the paved road (High Rock Road) leaving US 1 L (S) approx. 0.4 mi. S of the junction of US 1 and Mass. 140 to the gravel parking area next to the gate to the F. Gilbert Hills State Forest, near the foot of the Microwave tower. Do not park on the AT&T paved parking area, and do not block the fire lane gate.

The trail leaves the E end of the parking area on the R (W) side of the barrier gate. At 80 yd. the trail turns L and follows a winding path, dropping down and passing under the overhanging cliff of Goat Rock. (Look for tree growing out of rock). The trail swings R and over a number of large rocks, crossing an underground stream, and continuing on an arc to a trail junction. The trail turns L and climbs up the stone steps to a large Warner Trail sign at the junction with the Acorn Trail at 0.4 mi. (The Acorn Trail is a 2.2 mi. rugged feeder trail from the Forest Headquarters on Mill St., Foxboro).

The trail then goes S and in 40 yd. bears L for a short distance to the top of a large rock slab from the top of which there is an excellent view to the W. The trail descends SW on the ledges approx. 80 yd. to the base and reaches a woods road in another 30 yd. The trail turns R (NNW) on the woods road for 0.4 mi., passing two towers on the L, crosses through a stone wall and turns L on a small path. This small path crosses two mountain bike trails and bears L onto a woods road down a short distance to US 1 which it crosses (CAUTION) onto Myrtle St. (Wrentham)

Distances from High Rock gate
    to Goat Rock.: 0.2 mi.
    to Acorn Trail: 0.4 mi.
    to R turn at base of ledges: 0.6 mi.
    to L turn onto small path: 0.9 mi.
    to Route 1: 1.3 mi.

The trail follows Myrtle St. for 130 yd. toward Crocker Pond and just before a conservation parking lot, turns L into the woods. Following on a path that parallels US 1, it jogs R into a pine woods where it skirts around swamp land and over a series of bog bridges, eventually to come out, keeping to the L, on the cul-de-sac at the end of Davis Ave.

Distance from Myrtle St.
    to Davis Ave.: 0.6 mi.

The trail follows Davis Ave. one block to its end on Ames Ave., turns R for a block to Dunn Ave., turns L for a block to Thurston St. where it goes R for 70 yd. to Warner Trail Road. It turns L and follows Warner Trail Road for 0.2 mi. to the cul-de-sac. Leaving the pavement, it continues on a conservation restriction (10 ft.) straight and then approx. 70? L circling around through a notch to an open field which is the remains of the sealed - over Wrentham landfill. The trail passes along the L edge of the landfill to Madison St. and then turns R and follows the chain link fence along Madison St. to the gate. There is room for a few cars to park off the pavement.

Distance from Davis Ave.
    to Madison St.: 0.6 mi.

The trail enters the Wrentham State Forest directly across from the landfill gate on Madison St. In a few yd. the trail turns sharply L and, after a short flat stretch, circles to the R, crosses a dirt bike trail and steadily climbs in 0.2 mi. to the first of several peaks it reaches in a tortuous winding manner. This first peak has views of the Boston skyline.

The trail heads down from the peak and turns R on a path. It follows this path and bears L at the next few forks until a short, steep climb up to the next ledgy peak in 0.5 mi. The trail continues over several other peaks, known as the Pinnacles. After crossing these peaks the trail drops down to a woods road in 0.8 mi. where it turns R.

In a few yd., the trail crosses a dirt bike trail and immediately bears R at a fork and in 250 yd. passes through a stone wall and bears L on a dirt bike trail which it follows for 50 yd. Before going through a stone wall, the trail forks R onto a small path (5205) and heads downhill, passes by several large boulders and at 1.0 mi. passes through a stone wall with a large boulder on the R.

The trail continues over a level but rocky area and then climbs to the top of a cliff, and then in 60 yd. crosses a dirt bike trail and at 1.2 mi. comes to a woods road. Houses can be seen to the L. The trail turns R on the woods road (6280). The trail bears R at the next two forks and at 1.3 mi. passes through a stone wall with a cliff on the L.

At 1.5 mi. the trail turns to the R (7772), passes by a dirt bike trail on the L and just before reaching a wet area, turns sharp L, crosses over a rocky area and comes to a dirt bike trail in 110 yd. (8107) The trail turns L on the dirt bike trail and in 60 yd., just before a stone wall (posted as "no trespassing") turns R onto a small path and then in a few yd. turns off this trail onto a trail on the L. (8349)

The trail descends to a muddy area in 150 yd. and at 1.8 mi. crosses a dirt bike trail. (9952). The train then passes through wet areas, crosses a dirt bike trail and climbs to Outlook Rock at 2.1 mi.

Distance from Madison St.
    to 1st peak, view to Boston: 0.2 mi.
    to 1st Pinnacle peak: 0.5 mi.
    to R turn after Pinnacles: 0.8 mi.
    to large boulder on R: 1.0 mi.
    to Outlook Rock: 2.1 mi.

The trail leaves Outlook Rock, going sharp L (E) down a slope and reaches a junction of trails in 200 yd. The trail crosses this junction and descends to a brook, which it crosses on logs. After passing through a stone wall, the trail crosses a wet area and ascends to the top of a cliff overlooking Minnehaha Pond and the remains of an impressive dam on the R. The trail follows down the E side of Minnehaha Brook for 80 yd. to a junction of gravel roads. The trail turns R onto a woods road (Red Fox Path) and crosses over the brook. A short bushwhack will take one to the Minnehaha Falls (rapids) to the S approx. 200 yd. distant.

The Warner Trail and the Red Fox path together follow the woods road avoiding smaller trails to the L, pass through a stone wall and reach a junction of three woods roads. The Warner Trail follows the middle trail, then crosses a dirt bike trail, bears R at the next fork and passes under the impressive ledge of Outlook Rock on the R at 0.75 mi.

From under Outlook Rock, the trail passes a bog on the R and in 300 yd. branches R off the woods road. Bearing L at the next fork it comes to a heavily used motor bike trail and turns L again (196). In the next 0.4 mi. the Warner Trail stays on the heavily used motor bike trail through 4 intersections. At 1.5 mi. the trail bears L at a fork, avoids a small trail on the L and as it approaches a white house, turns L on a small winding path and in about 60 yd. approaches the back yard of a large blue house. The trail stays in the woods to the R of the house's driveway and comes out to the pavement on Taunton St. The trail turns R (N) on the street.

Distance from top of Outlook Rock
    to Minnehaha cliff: 0.35 mi.
    to under Outlook Rock: 0.75 mi.
    to Taunton St.: 1.7 mi.

After 0.1 mi. on Taunton St., the trail turns L (W) into a pine grove. In a few yd., the trail forks R and approaches the Wrentham Senior Center, 400 Taunton St. Cars may be parked in the parking lot. The trail crosses the parking lot in front of the building and reaches the paved road which leads to the Wrentham DPW and the Trout Pond Recreational Area. The trail crosses the road, reenters the woods and continues almost N. After crossing through a stone wall, the trail turns R on a woods road 300 yd. from the DPW road. The trail continues on the woods road to the bottom of the remains of a tow bar of the ski slope. It turns L and goes up the steep slope. Before reaching the small cinderblock building, the trail bears R off the tow bar to the summit of Knuckup Hill, which has an extensive view to the N, including the Boston skyline. This area is frequently used by mountain bikers and there are several trail junctions between the DPW road and the old tow bar.

Distances from Taunton St. (S)
    to Wrentham DPW Rd.: 0.1 mi.
    to Bottom of old tow bar: 0.4 mi.
    to Knuckup Hill: 0.6 mi.

From Knuckup Hill, the trail continues, following the gravel maintenance road L and down the hill for 0.2 mi., then branching R before the gate on a path that avoids the brick building. At the paved road the trail turns R and follows a gravel road around Trout Pond, keeping the pond on the L. At the far end of the pond, the trail turns R on another gravel road, past another pond on the L and out to Beach St. at a point 0.3 mi. SE of Mass 1-A.

The trail goes L (SE) on Beach St. for 0.2 mi. Just past the mail box for 170 Beach St., the trail bears R off of Beach St. through an area where a resident stores split firewood, crosses a driveway in 200 ft., passes through some boulders and goes onto Bear Swamp Rd. (a private woods road-please respect it). The trail passes on Bear Swamp Rd., alongside a yard and house on the L and goes into the Wrentham State Forest.

The trail follows the woods road avoiding several intersections with dirt bike trails, a couple wet areas and as it approaches I-495 in 0.75 mi. from Beach St., turns R onto another woods road. The trail passes under the cliffs of Wampum Rock on the L and approaches I-495 two more times before curving to the R and going northerly, climbing slowly. Passing by several dirt bike trails, the trail turns L on a woods road and after a long descent followed by a short climb, drops down to Mass 1-A (South St.) where it turns R to Wampum Corner (jct. of Mass 1-A and Mass 121).

Distances from Knuckup Hill (gravel road at top)
    to Beach St.: 0.7 mi.
    to Bear Swamp Rd.: 0.9 mi.
    to R turn before I-495: 1.7 mi.
    to Mass 1-A (South St.): 2.8 mi.
    to Wampum Corner: 3.0 mi.

Warner Trail from Wampum Corner to Hancock Street, Wrentham
3.0 mi.

A few cars can be parked where the trail comes to Mass 1-A (South St.). From here it is a 0.2 mi. walk N along South St. to Wampum Corner.

The trail leaves Wampum Corner on Mass 121 (West St.) which it follows SW for 120 yd. and turns L, leaving the pavement and climbing up a steep bank onto an abandoned RR bed. The trail stays on this RR bed for the next 1.0 mi.

The trail goes under a pipe barrier and then passes under the I-495 bridge on the RR bed approx. 0.6 mi. from Mass. 121. After passing under I-495, the trail passes in front of the Wrentham Premium Outlet Mall on the R. In 0.3 mi. from I-495, the trail reaches the entrance road to the mall.

The trail crosses the entrance road and continues on the RR bed for another 220 yd. With a pond on the L, the trail turns R off the RR bed, and follows a trail bike trail through a short stretch of woods for 20 yd. and climbs to the top of an embankment.

The trail turns L and follows the tree line on the embankment for 160 yd., keeping the wetlands on the L and the mall on the R and then passes to the L of a retaining pond, keeping the pond and the chain link fence on the R. When the fence turns R at the end of the pond, continue straight and go over the mound and then drop down to the mall’s wide gravel rear emergency road. Turn L onto the gravel road and follow it for 0.4 mi. toward the cell phone tower and Green St.

Distance from Jct. 1-A and Mass. 121 (Wampum Corner)
    to I-495: 0.6 mi.
    to Wrentham Mall entrance road: 0.9 mi.
    to Green St: 1.8 mi.

The trail turns R on Green St. (W) for approx. 0.1 mi. where it turns L to reenter the woods on a gravel-sand road which is heavily used by motor bikes. Several cars can be parked here.

The trail follows (avoid turns) the woods road as it deteriorates into an old badly eroded woods road. After crossing through two stone walls, the trail turns R at approx. 0.4 mi., climbs uphill and at a trail junction, turns L. The trail continues for another 0.2 mi. where it bears L onto a small path (easy to miss this turn). The trail continues on the small path down a rocky area, crosses a woods road and climbs steeply up to the top of a rocky knoll.

In another 0.1 mi., the trail crosses a woods road and climbs to the top of another rocky outcropping. The trail continues for another 85 yd., over Red Brush Hill to a power line where it jogs R for a few steps and turns L back into the woods. The trail reaches a fine viewpoint, from which Diamond Hill can be seen straight ahead (look for the notch in the tree line on the horizon). The trail then drops down to Sunset Rock with excellent views to the W and SW into Rhode Island. This is a good lunch spot. The trail descends the R edge of the ledge, through the woods and soon emerges on Hancock St. at a point 0.7 mi. E of Mass 121 in Sheldonville (a part of Wrentham). Hancock St. is a narrow road and not a good place to park.

Distance from Green St.
    to R turn after stone walls: 0.4 mi.
    to 1st rocky knoll: 0.8 mi.
    to 2nd rocky ledge (Red Brush Hill): 0.9 mi.
    to Hancock St: 1.1 mi.

Warner Trail from Hancock St. To Diamond Hill, Rhode Island
6.7 mi

The section of the trail from Hancock St. to Rhodes St. is temporarily closed until the trail is relocated around the Wentworth Hills Golf Club.

Hikers can use the “ALTERNATIVE ROUTE FROM HANCOCK ST”, described at the end of this section to rejoin the trail at the intersection of Burnt Swamp Rd. and Reservoir Rd. near Camp Ker-Anna until this relocation is complete.

From the intersection of Reservoir Rd. and Burnt Swamp Rd. the trail follows Reservoir Rd. SW for 0.4 mi. to Camp Ker-Anna. In 80 yd. after the Camp Ker-Anna sign, the trail turns R off the pavement onto a small path. For the next 2.4 mi., the trail stays in the woods and circles around the Diamond Hill Reservoir which can be seen to the L.

From Reservoir Rd., the trail follows a small path, crosses through a stone wall and in 150 yd. comes to a trail junction. The trail turns R onto the trail and then in 65 yd. bears to the L onto a small path until it reaches a Boy Scout camping area near the brook below a dam in 0.1 mi. from the road. If this brook cannot be crossed due to high water, follow the brook upstream and cross on the dam. After crossing on the dam, you can follow the woods road into the woods and rejoin the trail in 40 yd.

After crossing the brook below the dam, the trail continues through the woods swinging around to the R until it turns L on a woods road 180 yd. from the brook crossing. It follows this woods road for 120 yd. to a small triangle formed by paths. The trail turns R (N), following a woods road, a brief cut-off to the L and another woods road going generally W until it comes to a 2nd small brook 0.4 mi. from Reservoir Rd. The reservoir can be seen downstream to the L.

After crossing the brook, the trail continues on the woods road. The trail goes past two trails joining from the L. There are several other trails in this area, but the Warner Trail mostly turns L at the intersections, keeping the reservoir to the L. After crossing a muddy area, the trail climbs a hill on a badly eroded woods road, turns L through a stone wall and follows down the remains of a woods road. The trail approaches the water on the L and then climbs up to the R and slabs along the side of a hill until it bears R and climbs W to a rocky ledge with an open crest and views of the Diamond Hill Reservoir.

Distances from Reservoir Rd.
    to brook below Ker-Anna dam: 0.1 mi.
    to 2nd brook crossing: 0.4 mi.
    to muddy area: 1.0 mi.
    to L turn through stone wall: 1.1 mi.
    to rocky ledge: 1.4 mi.

The trail continues generally S along a down sloping ridge, onto a woods road, and approaches to within 100 ft. of the water before turning R. The trail follows a path up and over a rise for about 0.1 mi. where it turns L (SW) onto a small path through some heavy brush, across a small stream. The trail climbs up a sharp rise, down the other side to a woods road where it turns 45? L (S). The trail bears R on a path through many muddy narrow spots along the side of the reservoir until it comes to Fisher Road (a woods road). The trail turns sharp R up the remains of the old road until emerging from the woods onto the pavement of Fisher Rd. in the Ski Valley Condominiums.

Distances from Reservoir Rd.
    to Fisher Rd (unpaved woods road): 2.2 mi.
    to Fisher Rd (pavement): 2.4 mi.

The trail continues on the pavement of Fisher Rd. road for about 0.3 mi. and turns L off the pavement, onto a path and back into the woods. In 130 yd. the trail turns L on a well worn path going steeply up a wide path of loose rocks. By a large boulder, the trail turns R and goes zigzag to the summit of Diamond Hill in 0.3 mi. from Fisher Rd. Indistinct remains of the public and private ski operations can be found. On the E side, below the summit one can see, in good weather, the Boston skyline as well as the Providence buildings.

From the large cement block at the top of Diamond Hill, the trail goes S for 40 yd., and then turns R toward a large water tank. The trail goes around the water tank, up over broken boulders and wanders along the ridge, passing by several viewpoints. In 0.25 mi. from the water tank it turns to the R and zigzags down toward RI 114 in Cumberland. There are many small unmarked trails in this area and care must be used to follow the Warner Trail markers. This area is an abandoned quarry at the bottom of which the trail travels N through level woods between the cliffs on the R and RI 114 on the L.

The trail swings to the R away from a wet area and continues through the woods. Then the trail goes back to the L and comes upon a brook on the L and shortly reaches an open area with a row of pine trees. Turn L and the main Diamond Hill parking lot can be seen straight ahead.

Distances from Fisher Rd.
    to Diamond Hill summit: 0.3 mi.
    to cliff overlooking RI 114: 0.6 mi.
    to Diamond Hill parking lot: 1.3 mi.


If there has been heavy rain or wet snow for several days before the hike the Wentworth swamp may be impassable except with rubber boots. An alternative route starts with a turn R on Hancock after coming down from Sunset Rock. Go approx. 0.1 mi. and keep L at the fork (follow Hancock St.), continue approx 0.5 mi. to Burnt Swamp Rd., and turn L. Following this road for approx 1.6 mi. meets the marked trail at the intersection with Reservoir Rd which the trail follows.

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