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Cohos Trail Features & Links


Feature Description
Bemis Bridge Well designed and built suspension foot bridge spanning the Saco River.
Mt. Crawford Stunning views of Crawford Notch
Mt. Resolution Views from open granite slabs of the Pemigewasett Wilderness and the Southern Presidential Range.
Stairs Mountain Unique step-like bald summit with fine views in all directions.
Mt. Isolation Fabulous views from this remote 4,000 footer
Dry River Falls High elevation falls in Dry River, half a mile off the Cohos Trail on the Dry River Trail.
Mt. Eisenhower Highest point on The Cohos Trail. Arctic tundra summit.
Upper Falls Step falls with great kettle hole. Dangerous in high water. Several people have drowned here.
Mt. Washington Hotel View the famous hotel with Mt. Washington and the other Presidential peaks right behind it.
Bretton Woods Ski Area Extensive alpine ski, cross country skiing and trail bike center on Mt. Rosebrook.
Lower Falls Quiet step falls cut through layer cake sediments.
Zealand Campground Federal camping area on the Ammonoosuc River. Central point to many trail systems.
Mt. Martha Fine views of lower Coos County and the Franconias.
Owlshead Probably the most spectacular view of the western wall of the Presidential Range that can be had in the mountains.
Cherry Pond Wildlife refuge (off the trail one mile). Vast bog-like lake with sensational view of Presidential Range from the western shore.
Israel River Dramatic river valley with the Presidential Range as a backdrop.
Mt. Starr King Great but somewhat restricted view of Presidentials and the Isreal River Valley. Franconia Range in the distance.
Mt. Waumbek Remote 4,000 footer with curious geology on its north slope.
Mt. Weeks Extensive blowdowns on the summits. The power of the fierce winter winds is very evident.
Bunnell Rock On Mt. Cabot. A great view from this favorite lunch break spot.
Mt. Cabot Cabin Near the summit of this 4,000 footer is a small cabin which is a wonderful overnight spot. Views.
The Horn Spectacular view of the entire county, Maine and Vermont. Great boulder summit that takes a little hand and foot scramble to get up on.
Unknown Pond Glacial tarn high in the mountains. Majestic look at The Horn from across the lake.
Rogers Ledge Sheer glacier-shorn cliff face and fabulous views.
Devil's Hopyard Narrow ice gulch with cliff walls, wild mosses and ferns. Great spot for a botanist.
South Pond Federal recreation area on beautiful South Pond. Sand beach.
Bell Hill Bridge Fine view of the Upper Ammonoosuc River Valley.
Terrace Mountain Good views of Kilkenny region and the Mahoosuc Range.
Bald Mt. Notch Lonesome narrow pass. Look for the extensive ice damage to the forest here. Some areas look like they have been bombed.
Rowells Brook Beautiful mountain stream in mixed forest...
Victor Head Small mountain nob with sheer cliffs and dynamic view.
South Percy Steep gumdrop-shaped mountain with south facing slabs and cliffs. New trail over the top.
North Percy Vast bald summit with big blueberry crop in August. Hideously steep slabs. One of the best views in all of Coos County. Be careful: North Percy is a killer!
Pond Brook Falls Terrific slide falls, where water cascades down long, wide slab-slips of granite.
Nash Stream New snowmobile bridge over Nash Stream offers a wonderful look at a beautiful mountain stream surrounded by mountains.
West Side Rd. Old grassy gated road with no traffic. Fine views from various points.
Sugarloaf Arm Long pull uphill to a quiet height of land and a fine view of Sugarloaf summit. A moose 'highway'.
Sugarloaf Mt. Narrow rock slab summit with super views over 320 degrees. A great look at the virtually unknown Northeast Peaks, the greatest mountain massif north of the White Mountain National Forest.
Nash Bog 200 acre wildlife haven with beautiful views of the Sugarloaf, Fitch, Castle, Gore and No.3 mountains.
Devil's Jacuzzi Unknown natural pool shaped like a huge jacuzzi and frothing with bubbles. Huge boulders all through the stream bed.
Headwater Country Wide open meadow at the base of Mounts Fitch, Gore, Notch and Blue.
Gadwah Notch High mountain meadows with fine view of the Northeast Peaks and Mt. Muise. Great moose habitat. Severe blowdowns and winter-killed trees
Baldhead South Long view down Phillips Brook Valley to the Presidential Range far away. Few people have ever seen this area.
Kelsey Notch Lonely plateau on the south side of Dixville Peak. Remote but open country. Lots of moose.
Dixville Peak Cleared summit allows views of remote country over about 180 degrees. Very isolated region.
Wilderness Ski Area View from the top of Balsams Wilderness Ski Area of high elevation farmlands and Vermont and Canadian mountains.
Table Rock Spectacular narrow rock jutting out over Dixville Notch. Drop is straight down 701 feet.
Dixville Notch Remarkable extremely narrow notch with steep cliffs on both sides.
Huntington Falls Fine cascade and bridal-vale falls. One of the best falls north of the White Mountains.
Flume Falls Water slams through this narrow fissure in granite.
Sanguinary Mt. Steep cliffs and fine views. New trail over the summit.
Balsams Grand Resort Hotel From ledges on Sanquinary, you can see one of the very finest four-star hotels in all New England.
Abeniki Pond Small but pristine mountain pond beneath the dramatic cliffs of Abeniki Mountain.
Mud Pond Shallow high mountain lake with fine views of very remote country. Good moose and peregrine falcon habitat.
Nathan Pond Lonely glacial kettle pond tucked away in the folds of the mountains.
Tumble Dick Mt. Notch Depression between two mountains with cleared view of rarely seen high ridge country.
Coleman State Park Fine 30+ site campground on beautiful Little Diamond Pond. Toilets, phone.


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